Where have all the penguins gone?

June 21, 2018 Our Stories 0

TheEver Penguins are always a great source of entertainment. From their comic on-land “Charlie Chaplin waddle” to their masterful underwater flying acrobatics. One cannot help but be entertained by these ocean dwellers and as conservationist Joe Moore so aptly states: “It is impossible to look at a penguin and remain angry.” Only one species of… Read more

Penguin Penthouses – the perfect African penguin nest

March 12, 2018 Our Stories 0

Why are we designing the perfect artificial African penguin nest? Imagine having your home flattened and all possible building material removed. Raising children in the open, under the relentless glare of the African sun and facing a possible flood everytime it rains. If you manage to survive the elements you have to deal with a… Read more