Penguin Penthouses – the perfect African penguin nest

March 12, 2018 Our Stories 0

Why are we designing the perfect artificial African penguin nest? Imagine having your home flattened and all possible building material removed. Raising children in the open, under the relentless glare of the African sun and facing a possible flood everytime it rains. If you manage to survive the elements you have to deal with a… Read more

The Penguin Keepers- those keeping African penguins in the wild and from extinction

November 12, 2017 Our Stories 0

  South Africa has been buzzing about a new book by veteran journalist, Jaques Pauw. The revelations in the President’s Keepers explains how South Africa is currently a literal magnification of the words spoken by Lord Acton in 1887 – “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A good story to tell We would… Read more

#CapeStorm Orphans

June 15, 2017 Our Stories 0

  African penguin orphans from Dyer Island Winter made a stormy entrance in the Western Cape during last week. Howling winds and massive waves reminded us where the name the Cape of Storms originated from. With the advances in weather forecasts, we were well aware of the possible impacts of the storm. “A serious prophet… Read more