May 3, 2017 Our Stories 0

On the 29th of April, the rest of the world celebrated World Veterinary Day. We did not. Why? Well, in the good old             R S of A (Republic of South Africa) we celebrate Freedom Day on the 27th of April, closely followed by Workers Day on 1 May. After a discussion with our current penguin patients,  we felt that squeezing such an important day between two other important days, will not allow us the opportunity to do justice to the man we call our vet. The tall and handsome (using his own descriptive terms) Dr Marc Walton.

All in one photo. Tall, dark & handsome.You decide who is who & what is what. Dr Marc Walton with Xolani Lawo tending to a penguin patient

Marvelous, magnificent, maverick Marc. A visit by our attending vet is more than “just a consultation”. It is more like a “roadshow”. Marc always brings with him a broad smile and an inappropriate joke. His never ending banter and very, very quick wit provide us with hours of entertainment.

It is however, his passion for our penguin patients that allows us to provide platinum level care to all penguins and other seabirds that we admit to the APSS facility.  The words “Thank you” cannot convey all of our penguin & seabird gratitude. We would like to cover you with money but most of the time you just get covered in guano, in our defense, guano used to be called “white gold”.

Rebuilding a population is a task for a team and therefore to Drs Dirk & Sandy and all the other staff at the Hermanus Animal Hospital thank you very much for your contribution to help us rebuild the African penguin population.

Please be a part of the team that is working hard to change the destiny of the African penguin from dark to light.  Be a star and click on our penguin to #GiveToSave.